FASTING - The New Favourite F Word

The most confusing thing about nutrition is there is always a new weight loss gimmick, a new trendy wellness diet and crazy new theories on how to “beat the belly bulge.”

There is however one nutritional concept that has stood the test of time, a concept that has mountains of health benefit evidence and a something we all can easily implement, I’m talking about the concept of fasting.

I know going without food is completely the opposite to what we once were taught. You probably have been told something along the lines of…“you should eat every few hours to boost your metabolism” or “you must eat breakfast first thing as it is the most important meal of the day.”

Well, I’m here to tell you that’s just not true, in fact it’s quite the opposite. Most of us eat way too often, simply because the clock tells us to eat. Regarding our metabolism, it will not slow down if we don’t pile in the calories, going without food can actually enhance metabolic burn and fat loss. With this in mind, let’s look at 3 reasons why fasting is becoming my new favourite F word.


1. Autoregulation

Autoregulation refers to the ability to self-regulate how much you eat thus the calories you consume. In other words, autoregulation is the ability to pump the breaks and step away from the biscuit tin. When we are eating all day without really listening to whether we are actually hungry, it impacts our blood glucose levels and our ability to assess true hunger and satiety.

It has been shown that people that fast (abstaining from food for long a period of time) have better autoregulation within their feeding window, and even if they do overeat, those that fast tend to consume overall less calories.


2. Smaller feeding window controls snacking

Fasting isn’t about skipping meals and starving yourself, fasting is going without food for a certain period then allowing yourself to eat within a feeding window. The easiest way of introducing this concept is by sticking to the 16: 8 rule – you fast for 16 hours a day and eat within an 8-hour window:

  • Meal 1 10am
  • Meal 2 2pm
  • Meal 3 6pm

You simply focus on 3 balanced meals within this 8-hour window. The great thing with eating every 4 hours, you don’t tend to feel the need to snack as much between meals. Reducing unnecessary snacking is good for our health and great for our waistline.



Fasting is protective

When we are in a fasted state it triggers a whole heap of hormonal and chemical messaging to enhance a process called autophagy – “auto” means self and “phagy” means eat. Put simply, autophagy is the self-eating/ self-destruction of dysfunctional cells and tissue within our body. Fasting and autophagy is like hitting the body’s reset button, it clears out the rubbish to protect us from accelerated ageing and health hindering chronic disease.



Auto regulation, less snacking and autophagy are just a few of the many reasons why we should introduce fasting as a health concept.  


If you would like to learn more reach out, I can set you up on a personalized fasting program tailored to your goals.



Is Your Mind and Body Needing a Boost?

A massive Health Whisperer hello you you all! 

I wanted to check in and see how you are holding up?

Dealing with winter, let alone another lock-down, can make many people feel a little blah. If you are feeling blah and lacking motivation, please don’t beat yourself up. Your motivation, nutrition and exercise can’t be perfect all the time #word

With this in mind, I personally need something to look forward to. Spring is around the corner (eek) and I’m feeling I’m definitely ready for a….


If you are needing a Boost, come join me – my next 4 week Body Boost Challenge kicks off Monday the 2nd August.

For those who are new to Body Boost, here is what you receive:

  1.   Body Boost Challenge 4 week nutrition plan
  2.   Body Boost food rules and recommended recipes
  3.   Pre and post Body Boost nutrition consultation
  4.   Pre and post Body Boost Challenge body composition scan
  5.   Practitioner only supplements to enhance fat oxidation (fat burning) and liver detoxification
  6.   Lifestyle and fitness rules – steps, sleep, supplements…
  7.   Live weekly group zoom check in sessions
  8.   Body Boost Facebook group access for accountability and support

(New Zealand and interstate participants are absolutely welcome to join)

If your goal is to drop the winter bloat, you can expect to drop approximately 4kg on the scales and 4cm off your waist.

If your goal is to reboot, increase your energy levels or form healthier habits – Body Boost will certainly give you this and more.

   Don’t take my word for it….

“I cannot recommend the Body Boost program enough. The 4 weeks is perfect for rebooting not just your body but your mind. I loved the meals with great recipes that everyone can enjoy and found the step goals so easy to fit in with day to day life. I was extremely pleased with my results and how amazing I felt. Teresa, you are on a winner!” WD

“I loved the Body Boost Challenge. I really needed something to help kick start a healthier way of eating and rid me of some very bad habits (I’m talking multiple takeout’s a week bad!) The weekly meal plan was super easy to follow, but I didn’t feel too restricted and I could mix and match meals as I liked to make it work for me. The Facebook group was also great for support, with everyone sharing recipes and cheering you along. I’m so pleased with my results, my re-ignited love for cooking, and the BB recipes have now just become part of everyday life.” LG

What you can achieve in 4 weeks is amazing.

Bring this directly on!

The Health Whisperer x

3 Simple Steps to Alleviate Stress

“How are you feeling this week?

“Where are your stress levels at?”

“Are you sleeping ok?”

These three questions are fast becoming the first questions I ask a client when they walk into my office. It’s a sign of the times #COVID and a sign of where my concerns lie – the mental and emotional health of my clients.

With this in mind I thought I would share my 3 simple steps to alleviate stress. Now remember, I’m no fairy Godmother, and I can’t change our current environment, however I can help support your mind and body at times of increased stress. 

Click on the three items below for my recommendations to alleviate stress

Exercise is an absolute must when it comes to balancing stress and boosting mood and energy levels. Exercise promotes the production of your brain’s feel-good neurotransmitters known as endorphins. Daily exercise also helps to balance and reduce our stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol.

THW’s Recommendation:

At times of increased stress my big tip is to swap out high intensity training (HITT) and focus on outdoor daily walks ideally in fresh air and sunshine. Walking does not produce cortisol nor place extra stress on the body yet walking provides all the feel-good benefits of cardio exercise. Yoga is another fantastic option for balancing stress and turning off the flight or flight (stress) response.

With years of clinical experience, I have seen good quality nutritional supplements make significant difference to stress, anxiety and energy levels. The most important mood and stress support supplements include B vitamins and Magnesium.

B vitamins are vital in the production of cellular energy, without adequate B vitamins you can feel fatigued and emotionally flat. B vitamins are required to convert tryptophan into serotonin and melatonin. Serotonin is the key hormone that stabilizes our mood and promotes a feeling of wellbeing. Melatonin is the hormone that induces sleep.

Magnesium supports our nervous system by assisting in the production of neurotransmitters including GABA, which is involved in reducing overwhelming feelings of anxiety. Magnesium simultaneously lifts energy levels and reduces stress. Magnesium also protects the brain from the negative effects of excessive cortisol and glutamate which is produced when we are chronically stressed.  Magnesium is my go-to supplement for stress and mood support #magnesiumdealer

THW’s Recommendation:

Speak to a health care professional about taking a stress specific magnesium formula. Ask for a magnesium supplement with B vitamin co factors and make sure it’s in a powder form, this will cross the gut more efficiently- meaning the powdered forms are more absorbable.

It’s often a catch 22 — when you are stressed you don’t sleep, and if you don’t sleep you feel more stressed. Sleep needs to be a priority when looking to balance heightened daily stress levels. If you are struggling with sleep, maybe its time to look at your sleep hygiene? Start by getting off all devices (iPhone/ iPad…) at least an hour before bed, avoid drinking caffeine from lunch time and avoid alcohol at night. Many people lean on alcohol at times of stress, it is a depressant and yes alcohol does make you feel relaxed HOWEVER alcohol negatively impacts your sleep quality and recovery (I know, I know…)

THW’s Recommendation:

Sort out your sleep hygiene and sleeping environment. Make sure the room is dark, avoid iPhones and iPads in bed, set the bedroom temperature to approx. 20°C and introduce breathing/ mindful activities at night.  If you are struggling with staying asleep look into a sleep enhancing supplement such as a magnesium night formula or a sleep specific formula containing passion flower, lavender, California poppy and / or Jamaica dogwood.


I hope these tips help, please reach out if you need more information or support.

The Health Whisperer x

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