I became a nutritionist simply to help people. I want to give my clients all the knowledge they need to live a healthy, happy life. What makes my day is the positive emails and phone calls I receive from ecstatic clients achieving their health and fitness goals. 

Here are a few testimonials from my motivated, gorgeous clients…



I first met Teresa in October 2014, and I have never looked back. I wasn’t in a good spot health wise, overweight and unfit, I wanted to change! Over the last two and a half years, she has helped me completely transform my life and my health, to someone that is no longer overweight or unfit.


I have lost over 40kg in that time, but have gained so much with the help of Teresa. I have gained an insight on how to fuel properly and have been educated about what my body needs to function. I have gained tremendous fitness in this time. I have gained amazing insight and support, with a personalised approach. Going from someone whose every other day exercise was just a 30 min walk, to someone who has completed half marathons and many triathlon events. Exercise is now a daily part of my life. Teresa has taught me how to eat properly, which isn’t as simple as it sounds.


The great thing about working with Teresa is that we tackled the weight loss one step at a time, and structured a plan that suited me and my schedule. Not wanting to be freaked out by a large weight loss goal, she broke it down for me and we took a month by month approach, which worked so well. Throughout the journey, there were a few obstacles thrown my way which Teresa always found a way to work into my plan and took into consideration when setting goals.


In short, I’ve turned my life around and made a huge transformation, which I know, in no uncertain terms, I could not have done without the support and guidance from Teresa. I can’t speak highly enough of the support and education she has provided to help me get to the best placer health wise I have ever been in my life!

- Kate

When my wife signed us both up for a consultation I wasn’t sure what to expect.   As someone who had spent the last fifteen years running marathons and long distance triathlons, not to mention starting a business, I had simply run out of steam. After my last big race I had gone straight from Ironman to couch, was eating and drinking too much, had lost motivation and of course had put on weight. Teresa taught me that, firstly, I didn’t have to train 20 hours a week to be fit and lean. I had never properly considered the relationship between what you do and what you eat. As a food lover I was apprehensive about changing my diet but Teresa showed me how to get lean and still enjoy food. Most importantly, she led me to re evaluate my relationship with alcohol- I now enjoy being an occasional drinker rather than an habitual one. 

Teresa is much more than a nutritionist- she has coached my wife and me in many other aspects of a healthy life, including the right forms of training, rest and sleeping habits, even the importance of down time and holidays.  She has a positive energy which is infectious. She is honest and forthright and keeps us accountable- which is important.  The weight loss (and looking good!) is really a bonus- I am now enjoying my training, racing family and business life much more and have more ambitious and competitive goals. Thanks Teresa, great job!
- Gary

Meeting Teresa Boyce has been the most rewarding LIFE-CHANGING experience.  She takes the time to get to know you as a person before she even asks about your eating and lifestyle habits.  Her guidance, wisdom and advice are second to none and backed by research.  I trust Teresa implicitly and have never felt better about the way I look and feel and it's all thanks to her listening and making some simple suggestions that got me thinking and acting on my own nutrition.  Her monthly newsletters advising what's in season help to keep my diet so varied - I have tried so many new foods since I started seeing Teresa a year ago.  She also has fantastic recipes that she shares freely with all her clients - what more can you ask!  I keep copies of her flyers on me so that I can hand them out whenever I see an opportunity. If you can even reap half the benefits I have from not only a nutritional but life changing perspective, I recommend you act straight away and book in to see Teresa.  You won't regret it!

- Michal
The Health Whisperer has changed my life.  Teresa has given me the tools to succeed in healthy eating which translates into success in mature age triathlon.  I haven't felt this well in years.  I find now I make healthy choices automatically thanks to Teresa's supportive and encouraging advice.  Her recipes are delicious and her clever hints about cooking are invaluable.  I really feel nourished.
- Toni
As I sat in Teresa’s office at North Sydney on my first visit I fought the urge to cry.  I’d been in this position many times before, sitting in front of countless dieticians, nutritionists and weight loss groups for yet another attempt to budge the weight that had taunted me since childhood.  It didn’t help when Teresa asked what she could do to help me because I really didn’t know the answer.
From that very first day Teresa believed in me 100%, she listened to my story and formulated a plan – it was a tough plan but I could do “tough” if it meant results.  For the first time in a very long time I felt a glimmer of hope.  
I can unequivocally say that going to see Teresa is one of the best things I have ever done for myself.  She can be tough, and I haven’t always been the best pupil, but I have achieved results when I had just about given up on myself.  
I really don’t know how much weight I’ve lost, and for me the number is not important, but what I do know is the difference in how I feel about myself is amazing.  I’m starting to take pride in how I look rather than feeling ashamed of my appearance; I’m starting to love me.  To Teresa I am very grateful.
- Cheri

I always thought I was a "good" eater and fairly active but I didn't feel as though I looked like someone who did 'train' and eat well. 

Enter The Health Whisperer.
When I met Teresa I was training for a marathon and thought my 'carb-loading' was text-book perfect .. oh no! Teresa has taught me how to fuel for training and importantly, how to replenish after training. Understanding the balance of 'food in' and 'energy out' has lead me to now look like someone who runs marathons which makes all the time and effort of training worthwhile. 
Simply, Teresa is a 'good egg'; she is incredibly warm, caring and as committed to my ridiculous fitness goals as I am. Teresa offers excellent advice and provides support which goes above and beyond my expectations - recipes, words of inspiration and regular check-ins and friendly reminders to put down that sixth glass of wine ...
My outlook on food has changed and I now see how important nutrition is to being fit and healthy. And! Who would have thought? Good nutrition is fun, delicious and much more interesting than what I was eating before I met Teresa! Plus, Teresa understands that 'life' still happens while you're training or working towards a particular goal and her nutrition strategies complement my life (not the other way around!)
The Health Whisperer has inspired me to be strong - mentally and physically; I joke with Teresa that she's a life-changer ... it's true - Teresa has changed my life. Thank you, my friend! 
- Amelia


I credit Teresa with introducing me to such a varied and diverse eating repertoire. I never thought I would be able to cut my mid afternoon sugar cravings, which I am sure we can all relate to, but I have. Her word is gospel to me and she listens and responds to each person individually.

For those of you out there who have gut challenges and a love of all things carb and dairy that was me. What I admired about Teresa from the first moment is that she worked with me and customised a better eating plan for me.....it is that eating plan that saw my energy levels soar and me set personal best times in running that I never thought I would be able to do. 

She comes highly recommended, her effervescence and wonderful passion for helping people better their lifestyle through intelligent eating choices is unique.



- Inbal
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