Potato Free Mash

My version of mash not only tastes amazing it also offers you a balance of protein, carbs and healthy fats. It goes particularly well with grilled fish. Ingredients (serves 4) 1 1/2 cups of peas 2 cups of cauliflower florets 1 ... read more

Crunchy Curry Cauliflower Rice

This delicious rice alternative is low in carbohydrates, paleo friendly plus so many health benefits I don’t know where to start! Turmeric is considered a super herb; anti-inflammatory, cancer protective, blood sugar balancing, p... read more

Easy Winter Veggie Soup

This winter warmer is based around seasonal winter veggies; carrot fennel and onion. Packed with immune supportive vitamins, minerals, anitioxtdants and plant based protein; this filling winter bowl of goodness is not only nourish... read more

Salmon and Cauli Mash

Salmon is a fantastic source of omega 3 rich, anti-inflammatory fatty acids for brain and heart health. The western diet is often lacking in omega 3 fats, making this recipe a weekly go to in my household. The cauliflower mash will b... read more

Broccolini and Lentil Salad

This vegan dish not only packs a punch taste wise, it provides you with a big dose of disease protective phytonutrients including alicin in from garlic and indols from broccolini.    Ingredients (serves 2) 2 bunch ... read more

Turkish Inspired Chicken Salad

This delicious healthy salad is packed with complex carbohydrates, protein, B vitamins and antioxidants, it doesn’t get any better really. Ingredients (serves 2) 1 cup cooked quinoa 1/3 cup chopped coriander 2 tbsp. olive... read more

Quinoa Nourishment

This one is for the real health nuts. With superfood greens including kale and nori this meal will certainly make you feel good on the inside.   Ingredients (serves 2) 1 cup of cooked quinoa (white/red/black or multi colour)... read more

Teresa's Immune Boosting Soup

You just can't go past a nourishing soup for comfort and warmth. This nutrient rich soup is a gift from my mum and now I'm sharing it with you. Ingredients 1 red onion, diced 1/2 head of broccoli, diced 1 red capsicum, ... read more

Healthy Slaw

Sometimes you don’t feel like the typical salad, this is where my healthy slaw comes in handy. This easy side dish goes particularly well with grilled chicken, pork or fish. Ingredients (serves 4 to 6) 2 pink lady apples 4 ... read more

Simple Eggs and Baby Greens

What a great way to start the day! Protein rich eggs and nourishing baby greens. Who said you can't have peas at breakfast?   Ingredients: serves 1 2-4 organic eggs 1/2 cup baby green peas 1 cup baby spinach 1 tbps... read more

Chicken and Blueberry Salad

Ingredients (serves 1) 100- 180g grilled organic chicken breast 1 handful of baby spinach leaves, washed 1 handful of shredded red cabbage 1/2 cup broccoli florets 1 celery stalk, diced 1/4 cup blueberries 1/2 small avocado 1 h... read more

Asian Inspired Chicken Stir Fry

High protein and packed with vegetables this is the perfect dinner or lunch option. For those wanting to bump up the carbohydrates simply serve with brown rice or buckwheat noodles. Ingredients (serves 1) 100-180g chicken breast... read more

Veggie Cauli Rice

This delicious, nutrient packed fried rice alternative is a sure way of getting kids (including big kids) to eat their veggies. This quick and tasty dish may be enjoyed as a vegetarian main or as a tasty side.    Ingred... read more

Protein Veggie Pasta

Thank the baby Jesus, we now have a low carb, high protein pasta that the whole family will love. Not like any other low carb pasta Ive tasted before, this guilt friendly winter warmer is the perfect addition for those who what th... read more


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