Antioxidant Breakfast Bowl

Nourishing your body has never been easier. This paleo friendly, antioxidant packed breakfast tastes so delicious it could easily pass as a healthy dessert. This would have to be one of my favourite spring or summer breakfast options. ... read more

Fat Black

Butter is back on the menu and this delicious coffee prove it.  No matter what your initial thought you seriously must sample this creamy luxurious coffee for yourself.  Grass fed butter is high in fat-soluble vitamins A, D... read more

Buckwheat Bread

This gluten & dairy free bread makes a filling & nourishing breakfast idea. Try toasting & topping with avocado, paoched eggs or nut butter.   Ingredients (Makes 1 loaf) 2 cups of your favorite seeds, I like a ... read more

Protein Packed Breakfast Bun

Right here is one of my all time favourite breakfast options. This bad boy provides approx 25g protein, a good dose of essentail fatty plus antioxidants all on a low carb protein bun for sustained energy throughout the morning. Feels l... read more

Zucchini Fritters

Quick, easy and delicious, these protein packed zucchini fritters can be served as breakfast with smacked salmon, lunch with a side salad or as a premade healthy snack.   Ingredients - makes 6 fritters  4 free range/ or... read more

High Protein Chia Pudding

One of my favourite prepared breakfast options. Packed with vitamins, minerals and disease fighting antioxidants, this little beauty is a breakfast must.   Ingredients (serves 1) 2 tbsp. chia seeds  200ml unsweetened ... read more

Teresa's Tahini Protein Balls

Unfortunately many commercial “protein” balls are high in sugar and actually very low in protein. I’ve been playing with a few ingredients and have formulated the best little protein ball to power you through the afte... read more

Quinoa Coconut Porridge

This easy to make quinoa breakfast is the perfect winter go to. Packed with protein andcoconut fats, this quinoa alternitive will keep you powering throughout the morning.    Ingredients: serves 1 1/3 - 1/2 cup quinoa f... read more

Banana and Berry Porridge

This winter must not only ticks all the boxes nutritionally, it tastes amazing. Porridge does not have to be boring, with a little love and a few extra ingredients oats can become more like a dessert than a breakfast.   Ingred... read more

Gluten Free Quinoa Pancakes

This is the perfect post training breakfast option. It contains the perfect balance of protein carobs and healthy fats. It is also the perfect guilt free pancake for those mornings you feel like a treat.   Ingredients (serves ... read more

Quinoa Superfood Breakfast

You may think superfoods are difficult to implement into your diet but this quick and easy breakfast will prove you wrong. Stocking your kitchen with the ingredients is the hard part, preparing and eating this breakfast is easy. &nbs... read more

Goji Breakfast Smoothie

Superfoods such as goji berries, coconut, honey and chia seeds provide many vital nutrients for optimum health. This delicious superfood recipe blends all these superfoods together for a quick and simple grab and go super breakfast smo... read more

Raw Carrot Cake Breakfast

Oh. My. God! I have taken my carrot cake obession and turned it into a healthy breakfast. Carrots are packed with beta carotene; a powerful antioxidant that keeps our skin glowing and eyes sparkling. I cant think of a better way to get... read more


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