Corporate Health & Wellness

Over the years of working in health and wellness I have found myself drawn to the corporate domain mostly because I can see there is a real need for my help and guidance.

With advancing technology our environment is constantly changing with this I am seeing more often than not our health and performance is suffering, now more than ever we need to focus on optimal health and wellness.

Our environment maybe changing but our basic human health needs have not. Busy stressed people need support, education and guidance, this is were I can help.  


• Founder of The Health Whisperer with10 years clinical experience

• Keynote speaker and workshop facilitator

• Nutritionist and speaker for KPMG Performance Clinic

• Nutrition IP for KPMG Performance Clinic

• Health writer and blogger for a variety of health publications including News Corp, Fitness First magazine, Women’s Health and Fitness, Yahoo 7 and Prevention magazine

• Guest speaker on Weekend Sunrise


Industry experience

Facilitation of many workshops and keynotes to a variety of companies and corporate groups including:


Please contact me for more information on how I can help your team.

0416 385 900


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