Body Boost Challenge

My Body Boost Challenge is just that — a health and lifestyle challenge designed to drop unwanted bulge, bloat and bad habits. Body Boost is a combination of fat loss guidelines, detoxification principles and lifestyle recommendations designed to give you a total Body Boost.

For those who have already experienced my Body Boost Challenge you know how AMAZING the results are, and how FANTASTIC you feel after this short 4 week challenge.

For those who are new to Body Boost, here is what you receive:

  1. Body Boost Challenge 4 week detailed nutrition plan with Body Boost food rules and recipes
  2. Practitioner strength supplements to boost energy, support the liver and enhance fat oxidation (fat burning)  
  3. Lifestyle and fitness recommendations – steps, sleep, supplements…
  4. Live nutrition group zoom sessions each week, topics to discuss are foods for fat loss, pantry make over and how to stay motivated when times get tough  
  5. Body Boost Facebook group access for accountability and support 
  6. 30 min pre and post Body Boost consultations
  7. Pre and post Body Boost Challenge body composition scan and report to assess current body fat, muscle mass, hydration.

Don't take my word for it, here are just a few testimonials from previous Body Boosters...

“I cannot recommend the Body Boost program enough. The 4 weeks is perfect for rebooting not just your body but your mind. I loved the meals with great recipes that everyone can enjoy and found the step goals so easy to fit in with day to day life. I was extremely pleased with my results and how amazing I felt. Teresa, you are on a winner!” WD


“The Body Boost came along at the perfect time for me as I was feeling sluggish but not able to shift that feeling with my current eating and exercise despite usually being quite good in both areas. The recipes were delicious and easy to incorporate into my family life, some of which are now a permanent fixture on my weekly meal plan. I’ve also made permanent changes to my diet by getting rid of certain things that I just didn’t really need and I feel so much better for it. Couldn’t be happier that I stuck to the commitment of the Body Boost Challenge as it’s really changed so many elements of my diet for the better. Thanks Health Whisperer!” LH

“I loved the The Body Boost challenge. Not only did I lose weight and feel better about my self but I loved everything I was eating and I can bring all the recipes and nutritional tips into my everyday life! It’s an amazing program that not only gives you quick recipes, but it’s actually easy to do and you feel the good from it instantly. So happy with it and how I’m feeling afterwards!” AK

The next 4 week Body Boost Challenge will be kicking off 1st August 2022

 August Body Boost will give you motivation to focus on your health and fitness during the final winter stretch.

Spring will be here before we know it, let’s be ready for it! Who’s with me?

For more info and to register:

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