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My name is Teresa Boyce, I am a qualified registered nutritionist. The reason I became a nutritionist is to educate and inspire others to make healthy changes, my ultimate goal is to make a positive long lasting difference to your life.

I have 8 years clinical experience, I am currently head of nutrition at the KPMG Performance Clinic and the onsite nutritionist at Natural Therapy Associates located inside Fitness First North Sydney.

I consult over a range of health concerns including obesity, diabetes/pre-diabetes, metabolic syndrome, weight loss, sports nutrition, stress and anxiety. I also present to a variety of corporate companies, motivating individuals and groups associated with fitness and wellness challenges. 

I have regularly appeared on Weekend Sunrise on channel 7 and presented to a variety of businesses  and corporate groups including News Corp, KPMG, Australian Defence, Glenworth, Telstra, AIG, Boral, AMP, Lend Lease, Fitness First, ASG Group, Mindshare, CBA, Qantas, Premier Health and Fitness and Can Too. 

I also like to write on variety of health and nutrition topics, you can find many of my articles via a range of Australia’s leading health publications including Fitness First Magazine, Taste Online, Modle Co, Yahoo7, Womens Health and Fitness, Prevention magazine and Body & Soul attracting 350,000 unique browsers each month. 

While most of us aim for a healthy lifestyle, there comes a time when you need the guidance and expertise from someone to help you achieve your goals. I have devoted myself to being that person. As an advocate of fresh and seasonal produce, I believe in the importance of whole foods.

We live in an age of advanced technology, yet awareness of the importance of good nutrition is failing. Chronic illness and disease is at an all-time high and obesity is a global epidemic. With nutrition from a healthy diet, you can be healthier, live longer, and enjoy the benefits of more energy, positivity and enthusiasm for life.

I look forward to working with you

Teresa Boyce 

The Health Whisperer xx

What does being a Nutritionist mean to me…well it’s not just a title that I have gained overnight. My journey with health began a long time ago, along with most other people having their own story with health and wellbeing. Being a Nutritionist for me is all about helping others to achieve their goals and become the best version of themselves, by sharing my knowledge and experience. In the world that we live in today, everybody needs a little help and push in the right direction. My aim is to do exactly that and show you all that living a healthy lifestyle does not have to be hard or boring, that it can be an exciting and fun life to live.

I am currently a Nutritionist working alongside Teresa Boyce at The Health Whisperer clinic in North Sydney.  I consult in most areas of health and wellbeing including but not limited to stress and anxiety, digestive issues, intolerances/allergies, obesity, weight loss, blood sugar imbalances and diabetes.

My focus is to treat everybody differently, what might work for one individual might not work for the next. I tailor make an eating and nutritional plan to match your personal requirements including any intolerances or allergies that you may have. I work with you throughout your journey, to give you the advice and guidance that you need.

So if you are looking to make a positive change in your life, I would love to hear from you!

Lisa (Eat Love Believe)


I am currently working as an administration consultant providing practical support to businesses. I have been working in administration roles that focus on customer service and data management for over 10 years in a variety of industries. I aim to create smooth running and efficient processes, so our nutritionists can spend more time with you, our clients, and provide you the best support with your health goals! 

I am currently studying a Bachelor of Science (Nutrition and Food Sciences) at Western Sydney University. I hope to move into the field of nutrigenomics, it is the study of how foods affect the expression of genetic information in individuals and how an individual's genes affect the metabolism and response to nutrients and other bio-active components in food. I believe a greater awareness in how you individual body function will allow you to feed it the best fuel so you can perform at your peak everyday!



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